Bengalee-Genocide: 2013

Violence is going on in Bangladesh.

The ruling party ‘Bangladesh Awami League & 14-Party Alliance’ are supporters of interim government, comprising of representatives from different political parties but on the other hand, ‘BNP & 18-Party Alliance’ demand caretaker government.

On this context, ‘BNP & 18-Party Alliance’ have declared strikes & blockades since November, 2013 & violence has broke out in all over Bangladesh; made millions of innocent bengalees victims.

There are loss over 1,000 millions dollars from arson & extortion of public-private properties.

Nearly 700 people killed & wounded over 72,000 by Picketers of “BNP-Jamat & 18-Party Alliance” within just one month (November, 2013).

Almost all are victims of bomb-bursting & burning.
Victims are innocent & general citizens of Bangladesh; pregnant women, children, students, laborers, day-workers, garment-workers, drivers, passengers, polices.

Many observers are calling this heinous act of ‘BNP & 18-Party Alliance’ as Genocide.

Observers are saying that actually the ‘BNP & 18-Party Alliance’ are backed by Jamat; a religion-based political party which wants to establish a fanatical state like Taliban-Afghanistan.

Jamat is now banned in Bangladesh through court-order; because, they are found guilty of genocide in 1971, liberation war of Bangladesh.

Few weeks ago, General Secretary (Acting) of ‘BNP-Jamat & 18-Party Alliance’, Mirza Fakhrul has confessed about the atrocity against people of Bangladesh by picketers of his party & alliance.

And, few days ago, Chairperson of ‘BNP-Jamat & 18-Party Alliance’; Begum Khaleda Zia said, “Innocent people of Bangladesh aren’t our target”.

By stating above comment & using the word ‘Target’, Begum Khaleda Zia has confirmed & confessed that a bengalee-genocide is going in Bangladesh by picketers of her party & alliance.

Recently, the PM of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina has accused ‘BNP & 18-Party Alliance’ for starting a ‘genocide’.

It’s a constitutional duty of ‘Security & Defense force of Country’ to guard & save citizens from atrocity, arson, extortion & genocide.

It is seen in Facebook that many Bangladeshis are urging to government of Bangladesh to deploy military force to stop the massacre of innocent bengalees by picketers of ‘BNP & 18-Party Alliance’.

And, it can be pre-measured that, if the current turmoil situation is going on, then, declaration of “Emergency” and deployment of military force will be the only way to save lives of innocent bengalees from ‘Genocide’.

“Operation Saving Bengalees” is knocking the door of Bangladesh…


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