Burning Bangladesh

The name of this child is Safir Ahmed, a 2.5 years old boy.
He was going to his grandparent's house in Narayanganj at evening on 18 January, 2015 along with his parents, Dr. Mrs. Sharmin Siddiqa & Dr. Mr. Saiful Islam.
On the way, Terrorists of BNP-Jamat attacked them with Petrol Bomb.
Little Safir & his parents got severely burnt.

Safir & his parents is now fighting with death at City Hospital in Lalmatia, Dhaka.
Little Safir's condition is very critical. He is so young to bear such inhuman pain.
There is only one question, seen in the eyes of Safir's parents, "What have we done that they burnt us?"

Not only little Safir & his family, there are more than hundreds people got severely burnt & 50 innocent citizens died from BNP-Jamat's Petrol & Cocktail Bombing in last 1.5 months in Bangladesh.

BNP-Jamat & their alliances have declared continuous 'strikes & blockades' from 3rd January 2015. Their demands are: democratically elected current ruling party 'Awami League' must dismiss Present Parliament & election will be held again under interim government.

But most of the Bangladeshi people don't support this ideas of BNP-Jamat. So, the anti-government movement of BNP-Jamat didn't attract or got support of people.

And, after that BNP-Jamat and alliances have started terrorist activities throughout the country by attacking innocent citizens with petrol & cocktail bomb.

This is not first history of BNP-Jamat's Terrorist activities. In last quarter of 2013, terrorists of BNP-Jamat killed more than 700 people & injured over 72,000 people (Link).

More over, Jamat has been accused for committing war-crimes during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 by International Crimes Tribunals. And, BNP is infamous for backing up & rehabilitation of Jamat in Bangladesh.

Photo: The Daily Samakal


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